Are Miracles Really What We’re Looking For?

It occurred to me recently that just because a person has a miracle doesn’t mean their life is going to go smoothly from then on. I had one the day I woke up with my new cornea (I had a transplant) – it was amazing & I can still feel the wonder when I think of it. But then things went wrong again.

Think of lazarus; he went through all the trauma of dying, got raised back to life, but still he would have died eventually, so in fact he had to go through the trauma of dying twice. Bummer! & all those people who Jesus healed; I wonder how many of them were sick again a few months or years later? Not perhaps of the same thing, but some bug or accident, or the throes of mortality, will have got them sooner or later.

Miracles aren’t the end goal – even touches from God can be temporary things. We still long to experience them nevertheless.


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