God’s Words & My Understanding

There are many ‘revelations’ I’ve taken in the past to have been from God, but I wonder if I actually understood right?

It can be dangerous to keep your revelations to yourself; “In the multitude of counselors there is safety…”. We need each other to keep each other straight.

For instance, many years ago I read in Ezekiel 33, “But you are like a singer of love songs, who has a beautiful voice and plays an instrument well. People hear you and say ‘How wonderful!’, but they will never do what you say”. And I presumed this to be some oracle on the ineffectiveness of music, & that I might as well just give up. But recently the verse came to mind so I looked it up, and the next verse says, “But when your words come to pass – as they surely will – then they will know that there has been a prophet amongst them”.

The prophet’s job is to say what she/he’s been given; the consequences are not her/his responsibility. This puts rather a different light on the subject. My prior understanding of this verse probably dis-empowered me, at least to some extent. How many other misunderstandings have I/we laboured under? How many have I/we passed on to others?

Way back, I received a prophecy from a visiting preacher which said “Don’t struggle to put yourself forward, for a man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before those who are great”. Nice sentiment, but “don’t put yourself forward…’ isn’t part of the text (Proverbs) and the proverb is actually about the use of gifts (bribes) to get into the king’s presence. My understanding tended to make me passive rather than proactive.

Misunderstandings like these can cost us countless opportunities and years of our lives. What we can say is “Lord, I didn’t know. But I do now. Please give me the chance to make up for lost time.”


2 thoughts on “God’s Words & My Understanding

  1. Hmmm…I know that church culture, I sprang from it. As scripture tells us, we need to test all things. And first principles always apply don’t they: God is for us and not against us. God desires that none perish but all come to know Christ. We are called to Go, and are blessed in obeying.

    I’ve always seen you as someone who always said ‘yes, Lord, i will go’. God has used you in my life, through your music and performances Mark. And so many others. One day you will see it as it really is. I hope to also. Blessings!

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