What Miracles Feel Like

This is old news, but I came across these notes I made just after my corneal graft surgery, almost 2 years ago.

21August.  Nearly 2 weeks since the op & this is the first time I’ve felt like trying to write as my vision’s all over the place just now. One minute I can see the screen really well, the next I blink and it turns to mush. Well the op was a success, though I’m having to be patient & let the healing process take its time. I was nervous going into surgery, but not as much as I expected I would be, & I had a lovely nurse who looked after me, kept calling me ‘darling’ (great bedside manner), wrapping me in heated blankets, making me feel safe. When I woke up I had a patch on my eye & I could discern light through it so I knew I hadn’t lost my sight altogether (a ‘catastrophic event’, as they euphamistically call it). I was a bit groggy but not too bad considering I’d been out for 2 hours. As the evening wore on I began to notice a lot of detail about the patch, the weave of the material etc, and little specks of light that leaked in at the edges seemed bright. When the patch was taken off, about 8pm, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Colours so strong, everything super sharp (by my standards at least), everyone & everything had a halo, aura of light around them. The nurse standing in front of me looked like a benign alien, beautiful, glowing.  I wandered around the ward staring at everything, reading signs I couldn’t have read a few hours earlier. Raving, probably, to the staff about how great it was. That night has imprinted on my mind forever – now I know what miracles must feel like. This glow lasted for days.

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